We help companies improve their performance and profitability.

a management consulting and venture capital firm

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The PEAK Difference

1. PEAK Advisors go beyond coaching to help you identify key metrics in each functional area. Systems are established to report and continuously improve results.

2. PEAK invests in companies to help them achieve their dreams and goals. We work with clients and equity position companies to build long term success.

3. PEAK partners with companies to provide a tool kit of available resources for client’s success.

4. PEAK Advisors include experienced executives from the C Suite to leaders of Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Quality, Safety and Human Resources.

5. PEAK helps you define the vision for the end game summit to achieve, then develops a strategic plan to accomplish your goals one milestone at a time.


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Don’t let your company be a “could have.” We understand that companies face the challenges of: Lack of resources | Lack of Knowledge | Lack of Exposure | Lack of Capital. PEAK is here to help make sure you get to the top.

You don’t have to do it alone.